Project Description

Art Project

Blank Slate

2020-2021, Amsterdam

Art Project

Blank Slate

2020-2021, Amsterdam

Blank Slate is “project zero” for Case Greenfield. Inspired by neuro-scientist Steven Pinker the artworks of this project express how a blank slate in art is impossible. “We, artists, all stand on the shoulders of giants.”

From the first cave artists in the stone age, Davinci, Rembrandt, Van Gogh, up to Picasso, de Kooning, even Koons, and beyond. We, artists have been influenced by our predecessors. Again and again. Let it be our mission to bring art a step further. A giant leap. Just like they did.

The project evolves around the model in many an artist’s mind of being completely original in their creativity. They are not. We are not. No artist ever is. There is no 100% originality in our brain. Try it yourself: think of something, anything, that does not exist of one element of existing things or ideas. All artists are connected through ideas, inspiring each-other in an ever-evolving artistic continuum.

Yet, we want to stand out, be original, independent, free. How to deal with this? Are our artistic theme and voice all we have?

Blank Slate steps

Feb 2021

Started “Painting no. 1 – On the Shoulders of Caveman”

Studio, Amsterdam

Cueva de las ManosCueva de las Manos

Study for On the Shoulders of Caveman, Procreate on iPad

(Courtesy: Cueva de las Manos image by Mariano Cecowsky)

The basic idea for these artworks is simple: in our art, we try to ignore our inspiration, to ‘overwrite’ our predecessors. Trying to convince ourselves, as artists, that we start with a blank slate. But we always fail.

This specific “Painting no. 1 – On the Shoulders of Caveman” is inspired by the beautiful hand paintings at the Cueva de las Manos in Argentina, dated about 7300 BC, ie. more than 9,000 years old.

Jan 2021

First sketches on paper for Painting No.1 and Sculpture No.1

Studio, Amsterdam

Dec 2020

Idea conception after reading Steven Pinker’s book The Blank Slate

Christmas party, day dream

Blank Slate video

Blank Slate artworks

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