Case Greenfield creating On the Shoulders of Davinci

Currently, on and off, Case works on three projects, Poppies, Blank Slate and Black Slate. New projects will follow. Typically, Case’s art projects may last anything from a few weeks to a few years. And Black Slate is projected to last thirty years or more.

Case Greenfield creating On the Shoulders of Davinci
Case Greenfield creating On the Shoulders of Davinci


Poppies is an experimental project by which Case tries out working with AI, Artificial Intelligence to create/generate art. Blank Slate is Case’s project zero, expressing that individual artists’ creativity may be limited, or at least, heavily leaning on the shoulders of the giants that were before us, and a tribute to those giants. Black Slate will be Case’s final art project.


So far, Case hase completed only one project, Hambies. Well, it’s not really a project … rather an attempt to a project. But for the sake of completeness, we present it here, anyway.


“Wow … sooo many ideas in my head!” — The leading thread for projects that Case has in his head is mind models: there’s a lot of ‘cosy rabbit hole’ in it. Case, second half 2022: “I am going through a period where all the things that are going on in the world, all the rational thinking in my head and my personal mental state cause a need for human closeness … shelter in the one-to-one togetherness.

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