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Please note. For visiting the website of Case Greenfield click the "Case" logo (top left this page). Thank you! --- About Case: Case Greenfield (1961) is a Dutch contemporary artist and philosopher. His work evolves around the idea of ‘mind models’, “the realities that we create to shape ourselves”. With his art Case aims to bring joy from beauty, and affirmation of who we are – our narratives and identity. ---> For more, visit the website: click the "Case" logo (top left this page).
  • Good Art

Good Art


What is good art? When is an artwork a good artwork? What are the minimal conditions it must comply with? What makes good art, anyway?

Good Art2022-12-05T09:52:29+01:00
  • Dunning Kruger we are

Dunning Kruger we are


It's funny. When I was 16 years old, I wrote down "Ultimately, we just don't know." And now, at 61 years old, that is the only thing I know for sure now: we just don't know, we know nothing, all we do is guess. It's an evolutionary survival mechanism.

Dunning Kruger we are2022-12-03T12:29:56+01:00
  • Bob Ross

Bob Ross Pt.2 Material


In an artwork, to what degree may the material used determine your end result, possibly at the cost of your own creative contribution?

Bob Ross Pt.2 Material2022-10-26T14:10:06+01:00
  • Next Phase

Next Phase


So far, I wrote 37 stories. Most of them about my artistic philosophy. Most of these stories will be bundled in my art book "Mind Models". So, now it is time to move on to a next phase and focus much more on artworks and artistic techniques.

Next Phase2022-10-07T09:51:36+01:00
  • Think and Fight

Think And Fight


Donald D. Hoffman says "veridical perception minimizes expected fitness payoffs": trying to understand how the world really works may reduce your chances of evolutionary survival. By trying to understand how the world works, you may lose focus on what is important to survive. Wow. That blew me in the face.

Think And Fight2022-10-10T09:40:34+01:00


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