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Please note. For visiting the website of Case Greenfield click the "Case" logo (top left this page). Thank you! --- About Case: Case Greenfield (1961) is a Dutch contemporary artist and philosopher. His work evolves around the idea of ‘mind models’, “the realities that we create to shape ourselves”. With his art Case aims to bring joy from beauty, and affirmation of who we are – our narratives and identity. ---> For more, visit the website: click the "Case" logo (top left this page).
  • Plateau of Rivers

Plateau of Rivers


The Plateau of Rivers region of the Sahara desert contains about 15,000 pieces of rock art, made by societies between 12,000 and 3,000 years ago. It made me think. In 3,000 to 12,000 years from now, what will be remembered of our society?

Plateau of Rivers2023-03-17T08:35:55+01:00
  • Long Life

Forever Young


My personal believe is that people who long for a greater life often are lonely. Maybe, they are not alone, but they feel lonely. I strongly believe that we are a deeply social species, with a deeply social brain.

Forever Young2023-03-17T10:00:10+01:00
  • Banal Matter

Banal Matter


I find it difficult to have a love relationship with an artwork. After all, any artwork is banal dead matter, a piece of canvas and dried paint, a piece of marble, metal, whatever. Still, people do fall deeply in love with artworks. How does that work?

Banal Matter2023-02-13T09:03:03+01:00
  • Rembrandt Inc

Rembrandt Inc


First, I was caught by the Vincent Syndrome: a good artist must be poor and suffering. Now, I know better. Maybe the very best old master who ever lived, Rembrandt van Rijn, was a successful artist-entrepreneur.

Rembrandt Inc2023-02-27T15:39:21+01:00
  • The Big Split

The Big Split


I have this recurring thought in my head. I see it everywhere. Are we as a species at the brink of a big split between those who want to remain who we are and stick to traditional values and those who want to improve themselves into super-humans?

The Big Split2023-02-09T09:59:52+01:00
  • Earth Ladder

Earth Ladder


I want to make the first ever statue on the Moon of a ladder and an astronaut. The ladder, permanently pointing upwards, to the center of Earth. The astronaut, home sick, or saying good-bye forever.

Earth Ladder2023-01-06T14:12:12+01:00
  • Layers Of Reality

Layers Of Reality


I was thinking about how to express mind models in an artwork. I think I will experiment with expressing different realities as different layers, each with their own artistic expression about the topic of the artwork.

Layers Of Reality2023-01-01T17:13:44+01:00
  • Firework Art

Firework Art – Modularity


What is the purpose of art? And does modularity matter, at all? I think it does. For me, it is an integral part of the expressive power of an artwork. Doesn't have to be a painting or sculpture. May also be a firework or your life.

Firework Art – Modularity2022-12-30T10:21:02+01:00
  • Giclee



Why not create physical artworks from the digital artworks? Just like eg. photos can be printed in series, signed and numbered? Giclee could be a start. But the technology must be improved.



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