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Please note. For visiting the website of Case Greenfield click the "Case" logo (top left this page). Thank you! --- About Case: Case Greenfield (1961) is a Dutch contemporary artist and philosopher. His work evolves around the idea of ‘mind models’, “the realities that we create to shape ourselves”. With his art Case aims to bring joy from beauty, and affirmation of who we are – our narratives and identity. ---> For more, visit the website: click the "Case" logo (top left this page).
  • Pink Glasses

Pink Glasses


Focus on the positive and the pleasant makes us overly optimistic and overly positive about ourselves and our life. And that gives us the strength to carry on, to do crazy things, and sometimes even succeed with those crazy things. That is a beautiful evolutionary survival mechanism.

Pink Glasses2024-01-30T09:11:26+01:00
  • Voice Finding

Voice Finding Pt.1 Theme


I am still trying to find my artistic voice. And I think I have made a step in the process last week. It all has to do with expressing fictional and factual realities into one artwork eg. in bright and cheerful colors versus grey scales from black to white.

Voice Finding Pt.1 Theme2024-01-16T09:15:29+01:00
  • Social Reality

Social Reality


Social reality, not truth seeking animals, the ability to tell and believe stories, are three different perspectives on what I call mind models.

Social Reality2024-01-15T10:30:36+01:00
  • Feels Good Is Good

Feels Good Is Good


We are often tempted to think, say or do things that feel good rather than things that are good ... for us, for others, for humanity, for life on Earth. Yes, we are largely guided by our emotions, and less by our ratio.

Feels Good Is Good2023-12-19T11:03:55+01:00
  • Lost Subjunctive

Lost Subjunctive


In the post-truth era, if we would more often honestly express that we don't know for sure, or even that we know it is not necessarily true, using the subjunctive, then we would have much more fruitful discussion, around the world.

Lost Subjunctive2023-12-18T08:54:10+01:00
  • Universe

Earthlings We Are


Earth is the planet that we live on. But not many people realize that the fact that we live on planet Earth and not on any other planet has fundamentally and totally shaped us.

Earthlings We Are2023-11-05T08:59:16+01:00
  • Art Factory

The Art Factory


The Art Factory is here! Anybody can now make artworks using artificial intelligence for digital design and robots to convert digital designs to physical objects such as paintings or sculptures.

The Art Factory2023-10-15T12:46:45+01:00
  • Brilliant Coincidence

A Brilliant Coincidence


We keep on telling ourselves that we are something special, despite knowing that we are merely a brilliant coincidence, a statistical speck in the universe. Maybe we should stop fooling ourselves.

A Brilliant Coincidence2023-10-10T10:37:54+01:00
  • Horizontalists and verticalists

Horizontalist or Verticalist


The horizontalist versus verticalist mind model is and will be one of the big issues in the world. You see it again and again. An eternal battle. People making efforts to live a better life, if needed at the cost of others. And people feeling alienated, flocking together for strength and support in their cosy rabbit hole.

Horizontalist or Verticalist2023-10-14T20:57:46+01:00


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