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Please note. For visiting the website of Case Greenfield click the "Case" logo (top left this page). Thank you! --- About Case: Case Greenfield (1961) is a Dutch contemporary artist and philosopher. His work evolves around the idea of ‘mind models’, “the realities that we create to shape ourselves”. With his art Case aims to bring joy from beauty, and affirmation of who we are – our narratives and identity. ---> For more, visit the website: click the "Case" logo (top left this page).
  • Purposeful Reality

Purposeful Reality


How consciously do you try to shape your ideas about the world you live in and, consequently, the direct circumstances to maximally support you in achieving the life that you want to live.

Purposeful Reality2023-08-16T12:42:01+01:00
  • A Future of AI and Us

AI and the Arts


I don't know what to say, when I see AI creating art. Is it science fiction or will it be an abundant reality soon?

AI and the Arts2023-08-18T08:14:57+01:00
  • Black Hole

Hawking’s Reality


His study of the cosmos, black holes and the Big Bang led Stephen Hawking to believe that the laws of physics are not fixed, but have evolved over time. This may well be the next 'disappointment' in our believe that we understand reality. But also, it may be the tiny start of a new Big Story for humanity, hopefully bringing us more together.

Hawking’s Reality2023-07-27T10:39:21+01:00
  • Simplified Complexity

Simplified Complexity


I think the way our brain uses mind models is our most fundamental characteristic. So, if you want to make art about anything, I think it should be about this. But, I am still puzzling how to express mind models in art, how to transform the notion of mind models into artworks that bring joy from beauty.

Simplified Complexity2023-07-04T12:26:55+01:00
  • We Will Love AI

Instant Love


Slowly but definitely a part of the human population are moving towards living in a new, digital or virtual reality. It is really happening!

Instant Love2023-05-30T08:42:51+01:00
  • Our Universe

Fools We Are


We have the most beautiful planet in the Universe. A source of joy and happiness. A precious treasure. But most of us don't see it. We are fools. A bit more humbleness would fit us well, and carefulness, and caring, and loving ... for our cozy rabbit hole, the pale blue dot. And for each other, because it is all we have.

Fools We Are2023-07-06T09:58:36+01:00
  • Believe

What I Believe


My art strives to express the believe that we live in a very confusing mix of realities and convictions, and that personal well-being comes from developing an appropriate mental model that maximizes your expected fitness payoff.

What I Believe2023-05-03T09:35:52+01:00
  • Why Artist

Why Artist


Our life may be a straight line, upwards, towards more freedom, more self. But only in the ultimately free situation, I realized that pure freedom will never make me happy. It is the restraining and comforting presence of other people, of the world, that ultimately brings fulfillment.

Why Artist2023-06-11T18:15:30+01:00
  • Plato's Cave

Plato’s Cave


According to Plato we live in a reality that is not the real reality and we must try to see real reality. That is the purpose of philosophy. I say, yes, we must see the true nature of reality, but our distorted perceptions of reality often are very beneficial.

Plato’s Cave2023-05-03T09:40:05+01:00
  • Study for signature voice

Voice In The Making Pt.1


Developing your own artistic voice is a process. Some artists never complete it. Being - relatively speaking - a starting artist, I am still in this process. But ... this seems to be a big step forward.

Voice In The Making Pt.12023-05-03T09:40:22+01:00


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