Thought — 2 Min Read

The Art Factory

by Case Greenfield, October 15th, 2023

Thought — 2 Min Read

The Art Factory

by Case Greenfield

October 15th, 2023

The Art Factory is here! Anybody can now make artworks using artificial intelligence for digital design and robots to convert digital designs to physical objects such as paintings or sculptures.

Up until now, you needed to have skills to create an artwork. Traditionally, it took years of practice to create a painting like Mona Lisa or The Nightwatch or a sculpture like David or La Pieta. Since about 150 years, art became less and less about copying reality and more and more about catching our experience of reality. This still required skills: creativity and artisticity. Some more than others were gifted with these skills by nature. Then came abstract and even conceptual art. Up until today there is great debate about whether you need skills for it. Some say yes, some say no.

And from now on the only skills you need to create art will be:

  1. Creating prompts for artificial intelligence tools to create digital objects in two, three, four or more dimensions (physical, audio, movement) in the form of 2D-images, 3D-models, audio, video, etc.
  2. Operating robots and other tools that transform the digital object into a physical object. So far this only works really well for static objects like drawings, paintings and sculptures, but who knows what the future will bring.

And, yes, of course, you need a bit of money to either acquire such tools yourself, or to simply hire them from, undoubtedly, many companies that will provide such tools commercially. In a few years from now there will be a plethora of possibilities, the “Art Factory”.

And probably, in the near future there will be fully automated combinations for designing and producing art works, from simple spoken prompt, like “Create a painting of sunrise in Van Gogh style”, up to the actual production of an acrylic painting on canvas. That will be the ultimate form of the Art Factory.

Anybody can be an artist now

So, anybody can then create art. It is called “democratization of the arts”. And in itself, there is nothing wrong with that, is there?  The question, of course, is: is this the end of the artist as we know today? Well, I’m not sure.

Just look at what is happening in the music industry. With the possibility to stream any music, anytime, anywhere, we still have a few ‘winners’, like currently Taylor Swift. Let’s be honest. Her music is okay, nothing wrong with it, but, musically, artistically speaking, it isn’t brilliant either. But there is something else. She is a master in connecting with her audience.

The human connection will determine good art

And that is exactly what I think will happen with all forms of art. Succesful artists, from now on, will be the artists who will be able to make a human connection from person to person with their audience, using their art as the means to communicate.

And that is the funny thing about the Art Factory. Even more than before the human connection will determine what is good art and what is not. So, will it change the art practice and art world? Yes, definitely! Will there still be ‘superstar artists’ like Davinci, Rembrandt, Van Gogh and Picasso? Sure. They will be the ones who appeal to their audience on a personal level.

Unfortunately, there is a downside too. I’m afraid the art practice and art world will transform into a marketing circus. So, maybe the new key skill for artists will be marketing. But, hasn’t it already, to a degree?

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