Thought — 2 Min Read

Soul Searching, Voice Finding

by Case Greenfield, April 30st, 2021

Thought – 2 Min Read

Soul Searching, Voice Finding

by Case Greenfield

April 30st, 2021

So, on my way to becoming an artist. All these implicit ideas and urges in my brain. The art of being an artist is to make these ideas and urges explicit and put them on canvas. Or in stone. Or whatever.

Finding my voice as an artist. Easier said than done. It will take me some time. Still, I want to stay true to my basic starting points.

My work evolves around the idea of ‘mind models’, “the realities that we create to shape ourselves”.

It’s all about the interplay between experience, imagination, and reality – whatever reality is, exactly. My work, typically, explores the relations between reality and our interpretations of it:

Perception makes sense!

“I want to use my artistic expression to encourage emotional affirmation of the beholder.” So, what on earth does that mean?

With my art, I aim to bring joy from beauty, and affirmation of who we are – our identity, both individually and as human beings. My art should help us feel that we belong in the life that we want to live. That is what I mean with ‘Warm Grounding’.

But how

I guess, the best way is just to start. “Just do it!”

But I’m not ready yet for canvas or stone. Too much respect for it. My artistic expressions are not worthy of canvas or stone, yet. So, so far, I stick to pixels. Or paper. That is the beauty of modern times. You can easily experiment on your iPad. Or work out details on paper. As much as you want. And that’s what I do now.

Experimenting with shape, with color. Abstract, figurative. Subjects. What to paint? What to draw? What topics fit with affirming who we are? Who are we, anyway? Who are you? What life do you want to live? And how do you belong in that life? How does art help you belong?

Who am I? Soul searching. Voice finding? No, not yet. Voice searching!

Finding your voice as an artist always takes time. For some artists, it takes a lifetime. Somehow, being a late entrant in the artworld, with sixty years of life experience, I feel, I will do it much, much faster!

Traditionally, art academies claim that first you must loose your old self. Reinvent yourself. Find your new self, your voice. Start with a blank canvas. I’m not so sure. You probably know, I do not believe so much in a blank canvas. My old self – and my life experience – is really, really valuable for my art.

We’ll see, we’ll see.