Art Project


Completed (January 2022)

Art Project


Completed (January 2022)

My first NFT project? Nah, rather not …

Now, January 2022, the NFT hype is high. Somebody wanted to start an NFT collection on They asked met to produce a number of ‘silly digital images’. So, I did. The living hamburgers and friends, or ‘hambies’.

I wrote a story about it: My NFT art project.

It inspired me to research what this NFT thing is all about, in the first place. After a short investigation, I found out that the whole NFT thing is totally rigged. It is one of those online hypes that millions of ‘get rich quick and easy‘ wannabees have jumped on. And totally screwed the whole idea. It has become a crazy ponzi scheme or something alike.

So, I spent a few days on NFT’s and the Hambies, only to very quickly conclude this effort … quite disappointing.

And that is a pity, because in theory NFT’s could be very useful as a way of income for artists out of their digital artworks. Basically, NFT’s can function as ownership titles for digital artworks. Just like you have ownership titles and certificates of authenticity for physical artworks. But, alas, the original idea has been kidnapped by the NFT hype.

Maybe, one day, when the hype is over, we may be able to use NFT’s in the way they were meant to be used.

Below, you find some of the Hambies I created. Just a few. They’re silly, I know …


January, 2022


Working Studio, Amsterdam

I experimented with NFT’s, the Hambies, OpenSeas. Disappointing, to say the least.


There is no video of this project.


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