Project Description

Art Project

Black Slate

2021 – ongoing, all over the world hopefully
Black Slate

Art Project

Black Slate

2021 – ongoing, all over the world hopefully

The Black Slate project will be the final art project of Case Greenfield. It will be the longest running project of Case. It started in 2021, and it will end on the day he dies … finalized or not. Let’s hope, that will take some thirty years, or more. The year 2050 or later would be okay.

The project aims to demonstrate that there is an end to everything, despite what we sometimes hope. “Memento mori“, so to say. Many people get sad feelings, when we think of death. But actually, Memento Mori has a positive side. Exactly, because everything ends one day, we are forced to live now: Carpe Diem!

The name of the project, obviously, refers to the first art project of Case, Blank Slate. But also, the project is inspired by Kazimir Malevich’s iconic painting Black Square. The work is “frequently invoked by critics, historians, curators, and artists as the zero point of painting, referring to the painting’s historical significance and paraphrasing Malevich”.

“The larger and more universal leap forward represented by the Black Square painting is the break between representational painting and abstract painting.”

[“(…) from zero, in zero, that the true movement of being begins, (…) transformed in the zero of form and emerged from nothing to creation to the new realism in painting – to non-objective creation, (…) meant to evoke the experience of pure non-objectivity in the white emptiness of a liberated nothing (…)”]

Similar to Black Square, the Black Slate art project aims to represent the break between current and future art. No small ambition.

Black Slate Steps

April 2022

Conflicting realities

This Ukraine war has convinced me that my art must be about the realities that we create to shape ourselves.

Mind models are the thought – and emotion – patterns that ultimately drive and condone our actions, in rational and irrational ways – for good and for bad. It’s a wonderful mix of what we (are convinced to) know to be the truth and what we (want to) believe to be the truth.

And that is really where it all begins, right? Are there universal interpretations of good and bad, or is all good and bad subjective, in the interest of the person who thinks something is good or bad? Are good and bad ‘just’ personal or group realities, or are good and bad scientific or universal realities?

(Deep sigh … 😚 )

I know. Nothing new.

But the words don’t seem to land. They haven’t for ages.

So, if words don’t work, let’s try art.

March 2022

Thinking again …


Check out the second piece of thinking about my art philosophy. It’s a modest next step.

November 2021

Still thinking …


Check out my first piece of thinking about my art philosophy. It’s just a modest first step.

May 2021

The thinking just started …



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Black Slate Artworks

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