Thought — 2 Min Read

Bob Ross Pt.2 Material

by Case Greenfield, October 10th, 2022

Thought – 2 Min Read

Bob Ross Pt.2 Material

by Case Greenfield

October 10th, 2022

In an artwork, to what degree may the material used determine your end result, possibly at the cost of your own creative contribution?

As I told you in yesterday’s story on the use of painting techniques, I was working with two friends on an experimental artwork. I tried to create a physical work of my Study for Poppies:

Study for Poppies - ORIGINAL

So, I started using the Gerhard Richter type of scraping technique for the background. First a purplish dark blue layer. Let the paint dry. Next a layer with more or less the exact grey blue color of the Study for Poppies background. And again, let the paint dry.

And then, something totally unexpected happened. While drying, slowly the color changed into a very dark blue:

Poppies gone wrong

Poppies gone wrong (30 x 30 cm, acrylic on canvas – October 1st, 2022)

So, what happened? I still am not perfectly sure, but I suspect it was the cheap paint. In the process of drying (about two hours) slowly the paint changed color.

Always work with top quality paint!

Anyway, what I learned from it hands-on, is what painting masters always tell you: use whatever tools you want to use, but always work with top quality paint! And indeed, the paint that I used for this experiment was cheap, low quality paint from a hobby shop.

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