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Since 2001, keynote speaker Case Greenfield has established a reputation of accurately predicting technological developments and its impact on business. He helped hundreds of clients identify new opportunities and develop successful strategies based on technological developments.

Case is fluent in English, Dutch and German and he speaks French very well. Keynotes are in English or Dutch.

As a keynote speaker, blending provocative knowledge, humor and motivation, Case will bring his expertise to your audience, so that they want to start implementing the new insights right away. He delivers presentations for two types audiences, business audiences and the general public:

  • The Double Smart Organization – About the impact of AI on organizations. Explaining what AI really is, how it can be applied in your organization, what the impact may be on the performance of your business and what it means for your people. Target audience: in-company events and business events

  • Artificial Intelligence and Us – About the impact of AI on society. Explaining what AI is, how it will be applied in our society, what the impact will be on our lives and what it means for us – e.g. ethical aspects. Target audience: general public

Case is a master at tailoring these presentations to the specific needs of your audience. So please, contact us to discuss your specific needs and wishes.

Special focus

In both the Double Smart Organization presentation for business audience and the AI and us presentation for the general public, Case typically includes a number of special topics. These include some of the ground-breaking concepts Case developed, such as:

Double Smart

The AI Revolution – happening today – heralds the start of the Double Smart era. Yesterday, success was largely determined by smart people using machine power. That will change dramatically as human intelligence will be augmented with Artificial Intelligence.

The 5 A’s of AI

We are in the Double Smart era, where smart people use smart tools for thinking. Just like the Industrial Revolution, the AI Revolution can lead to unprecedented growth in wellbeing. It starts with understanding how we will work and live with AI. Fundamentally, there are five ways: the 5 A’s of AI.

AI Love Affair

We will love Artificial Intelligence more than our pets. In a few years’ time, many of us cannot live without AI anymore. Just like today we cannot do without our smartphones. And not only that. We will love it, him, her. Yes, love. As in ‘amore’. The first signs are here already.

21st Century Skills

In the Double Smart era, traditional skills will not lead to success. New skills are required. And people have to continually update their skills.So what are the new skills? There are four important skill sets: Professional Skills, Agile Skills, Digital Skills and People Skills.

Focusing on the two most important skill sets, workers can be divided in four categories: Spectators, Joggers, Sprinters and Marathon Runners.

What people said

“Blew my mind!”

Manager, Hewlett Packard

“Very inspiring!”

Change Professional, Ericsson

“Exciting new insights.”

Manager, ThyssenKrupp

“Above expectations!”

Manager, AkzoNobel

“Extremely helpful.”

Participant, ING Bank

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