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There are five ways how we can choose to work and live with AI. This article explains all five, from us leading the AI up to the AI leading us.

We cannot live without our smartphones. The same will happen with AI. And the relationship will be even more intense: an AI love affair.

Artificial Intelligence lacks intuition … is the general view. But is it really true? And if Artificial Intuition exists, what does that mean for us?

Some people warn that a next AI winter – a period in which funding, hence research and development stalls is imminent. I don’t believe so.

Europe’s GDPR legislation is a double edged sword. Will it save the privacy of EU citizens, but kill the AI business and Europe’s economy?

AI algorithms, analytics and Big Data go hand in hand. So, it is logical that Europe’s privacy legislation GDPR has an impact on AI. And it does!

Analytics Translators

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Data Scientists have become a jack of all trades. As the profession of Data Scientist matures, the need for specialization grows rapidly.

Data Scientist, the sexiest job of the 21st Century lost its sex appeal. The new sexiest job is really two jobs: Data Engineer and Analytics Translator

Many companies today want to become data-driven. But most people are still lacking knowledge of analytics and feel uncomfortable with math.

The past 200 years were the Age of Double Strong: augmented muscle power. We now enter the Age of Double Smart: augmented brain power.

New technologies cause dramatic shifts in the labor market. AI and Robots are causing huge shifts in skill demand. And it is already happening.

Racing with the machines, not against. AI and smart machines will not take away our jobs. They will, however, change our work dramatically.

Case Greenfield regularly publishes about Technology & Us: The impact of Digital Technology on Life, Work and Society. His publications are grouped in two main categories: 

  • Artificial Intelligence – The impact of Artificial Intelligence (AI) on life, work and society.

    AI is generally seen as the most impactful new technology of the 21st Century. Some renowned scientists have dubbed AI “the new electricity”, a technology so impactful, that it will change everything in our life, work and society.

  • Analytics Translators – People in organizations who translate analytics to business.

    Big data and analytics are the foundation of AI, Blockchain, Internet-of-Things and many more digital technologies. The language of analytics is mathematics. Except technical experts, not many people speak this language. So organizations (and society at large) need translators to reap the benefits of these new technologies.

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Books by Case Greenfield

Case is the author of a ‘best management book of the year’ awarded book “The Service-Economy”. He is co-author of the super bestseller “Business Model Generation”. Currently Case is working on a new book with the working title “Double Smart”.

The Service-Economy

Case is the author of the Best Management Book of the Year Award Winning book “The Service-Economy” (2001, Dutch & Spanish).

In the book Case predicted that internet would become the leading channel for services and he foresaw the Internet of Things. The book describes seven steps how “old economy”organizations can reinvent themselves in the “new economy” becoming a largely digital organization.

Business Model Generation

Case is co-author of the management super bestseller “Business Model Generation” (2006, many languages) with over one million copies sold.

The Business Model Canvas is a template for developing new or documenting existing business models. It is a visual chart with elements describing a firm’s or product’s value proposition, infrastructure, customers, and finances. It assists firms in aligning their activities by illustrating potential trade-offs.

Double Smart

Case is working on a new book with the working title “Double Smart”.

So we are entering the Double Smart era. Smart people working and living with smart AI tools. But how is it to be Double Smart? What exactly does it really mean? How does it work?

What is a Double Smart organization? How is a Double Smart organization structured? What is a Double Smart strategy? What does a Double Smart infrastructure look like? How do Double Smart systems work in practice? What is a Double Smart business model?

What is a Double Smart professional? What are the skills needed to excel as a Double Smart professional? Do you have to be an excellent software developer or are people skills more important? Do you have to be a “jogger“, “sprinter” or “marathon runner“?

And what does a Double Smart life look like? Will it make us happier? What is a Double Smart house? How do we socialise in a Double Smart world? And how about a Double Smart economy and a Double Smart society?

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