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Meet Case Greenfield

Case Greenfield is an award winning author, speaker and trainer on the impact of technology on our life and work. Today, robots, artificial intelligence and digital technologies have a dramatic impact. Case helps people with or without a job to get and keep good-paying work. And Case helps small entrepreneurs build and retain a good-paying business.

Case’s books include The Service-economy (award winning, Dutch and Spanish) and Business Model Generation (contribution, many awards, sold over 1 million copies worldwide). He writes numerous articles and blogs on getting and keeping good-paying work. He frequently speaks for audiences from around the world.

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PROGRAMS with Case Greenfield


Learn good-paying skills, good-paying habits and a good-paying mindset to survive and thrive in the digital era!

Do you feel your job may change dramatically soon? And are you willing to learn new skills that will open the way to good-paying work? Then Good-Paying Work Academy is for you!

Case Greenfield will explain to you what types of work have a good-paying future. He will learn you what the most important hard skills are to thrive in the digital age. But what’s more, he will help you adopt the right habits and mindset.

Get clear and easy-to-perform step-by-step instructions, tips and inspiration on how to get and keep good-paying work. Good-paying work is the one and only basis for a prosperous and happy life in the digital age. And it won’t be available for everyone!

Soon To be Published


Do you feel your job may change dramatically soon? Have you ever wanted to make a change in your work? Do you want it faster and easier?

How do successful companies and the world’s foremost experts and “gurus” make change faster and easier? What are the steps to get from old habits to new habits? How do they use rational arguments, hidden emotions, social pressure, nudges in the environment?

Get behind-the-scenes strategies that Case Greenfield uses to change behavior of people and achieve the change he wants. Get to know the secrets of the world’s most succesfull change experts. Learn step-by-step in his free video series soon to be released.

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BOOKS by Case Greenfield


Case Greenfield is the author of the award winning Best Of The Year Management Book “The Service-Economy”. The book explains the change that companies will have to go through in seven precisely described phases as a result of internet and digital technologies. What is the best strategy to realize this change? How can you best deal with your people? What will be the impact of digital technology on the organization? How can you make money in the long run?

The book was written in the Dutch language. Later the book was translated into Spanish: “La Economía de Los Servicios“. There is no English translation.

The original Dutch version of the book can be downloaded from Google Books for free:

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Business Model Generation is a handbook for visionaries, game changers, and challengers striving to defy outmoded business models and design tomorrow’s enterprises. If your organization needs to change to adapt to harsh new realities, but you don’t yet have a strategy that will get you out in front of your competitors, you need Business Model Generation.

Case Greenfield is not the main author of the book. His friend Alexander Osterwalder from Switzerland is. Case is one of the co-authors of the book, who delivered important contributions to the content of the book and to the process of creating the book.

The book has become an all time management classic with over one million (!) copies sold so far!

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BLOG posts by Case Greenfield

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