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The Impact of Digital Technology on Life, Work and Society

How can digital technology make our life better, our work more effective and our society a better place to live for all? How can we apply technology to prosperity of mankind?

Case Greenfield is a leading expert in the field of Technology & Us: The Impact of Digital Technology on our Life, our Work and Society. He especially speaks, consults and writes on topics related to people working and living with Artificial Intelligence (AI). He is known for developing ground-breaking concepts, such as Double Smart, The 5 A’s of AI and AI Love Affair.

Case is a strategic advisor to executives of corporates and organizations developing game-changing strategies to build a high-performing organization with AI tools.

A Dutch national, Case operates from Amsterdam, NL Europe. His Dutch name is Kees Groeneveld – difficult to say for non-Dutch, so he uses an international name.


Case has a STEM education: a university degree in Theoretical Physics and Mathematics. Next to that, he has a degree in Business Administration and he is a certified Management Development and Senior Leadership trainer and coach.

Case worked for renowned organisations in industry, technology and consulting. He was Manager at Hewlett Packard Enterprise. He worked as Strategy Consultant at PwC, as Tech Consultant at Capgemini and as HR Consultant at Korn Ferry Hay Group.

He led numerous assignments helping corporations and organizations build a high-performing organization based on modern technology.

Case is Founder and CEO of Aiandus – AI-and-us! – a consulting firm specialising in implementing AI solutions.

Based on experiences in his work and life, Case has a passion for People and Technology. He believes, creating and applying tools – technology – has been the main source of progress and wellbeing for humanity.

The AI Era is the next step in this endeavour, one that most likely will dominate the 21st Century. Artificial Intelligence will dominate developments in society, business and our personal life.

With a background in Physics and Mathematics, Case has a very good understanding of the technicalities of AI, eg. Machine Learning.

Case has always understood, that people have a deeply human centric way of viewing of the world. So, ultimately it is us, people who determine whether application of AI technologies will fail or succeed.

“People have a deeply human centric way of viewing the world … and technology.” – Case Greenfield


Case has delivered numerous keynote speeches and executive workshops to corporations and organisations worldwide. He customises his presentations to his audience with provocative insights, motivating individuals to take positive action.


Case conducts boardroom workshops for executives to get a lay of the AI landscape. And he offers workshops for business professionals to understand their role in working with AI. Workshops typically take from two hours to two days.


Case has strong opinions about the social and economical impact of Artificial Intelligence. Will AI be a blessing for mankind or will adversary robots rule the world? What will be the impact of AI on our collective self-image as a species?


Case works with renowned scientists and other researchers to understand the trends and developments of technology, business and society. Based on analysis and intuition, he develops scenario’s for the future of AI.

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