Everybody knows that Artificial Intelligence will play a major role in our work and life. But how will we work and live with AI? The 5 A’s of AI give a clear answer to this important question.

Artificial Intelligence will be much more than a smart tool. AI will be indispensable in work and live. And even more, we will love AI like we love our pets … and probably more.

Artificial Intelligence will change our work and live. Dramatically. Smart organizations and smart people will use smart AI tools to double their achievements. They will be Double Smart.

About Case Greenfield

Case Greenfield is a leading expert in the field of “Technology & Us”. His focus is on how we will work and live with Artificial Intelligence.

Case is known for developing creative ground-breaking concepts, such as Double Smart, The 5 A’s of AI and AI Love Affair. Case delivers keynote speeches for business audiences and for the general public. He is an award winning author on topics related to Technology & People.

Case is a strategic advisor to executives of corporates and organizations helping them to develop game-changing strategies for becoming a high-performing organization, where smart people and smart AI tools work seamlessly together.

Case Greenfield
Case Greenfield

Speaking and consulting

Case Greenfield is a leading expert in the field of Technology & People. He especially speaks and consults on topics related to working and living with Artificial Intelligence.

Case has delivered numerous keynote speeches and executive workshops to corporations and organisations worldwide. He customises his presentations to his audience with provocative insights, motivating individuals to take positive action.

Case conducts boardroom workshops for executives to get a lay of the AI landscape. And he offers workshops for business professionals to understand their role in working with AI. Workshops typically take from two hours to two days.

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